Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Patch

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  • Version 1.01
  • Size 11.43 MB
  • Works under: Windows ME
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Rockstar Games

When you grow tired of the glitches found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, download this simple patch to play the game in a whole new way.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas includes elements found in previous editions but brings in some new features too like a home invasion option. As you're on the streets and trying to evade the cops, you can now break into some of the homes you come across and score some extra money from the objects you steal. Be careful causing too much havoc though. If fictional characters in the game call for help, both law enforcement and SWAT will come after you.

The basic game play here is similar to past games. As CJ Johnson, you come back to your former town and find that everything changed in your absence. You'll have to locate all your former gang members, steal a few cars and complete other missions to get things back on track again. Though similar games require that you complete one mission at a time, this game lets you work on any mission you want. As soon as you complete one, the game gives you another. You can have any number of missions running at the same time.

The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas patch makes a few noticeable changes to the game. If you played on a high-definition monitor in the past, you know that the game can glitch at times. Those glitches can let the cops catch you, cause you to run into a wall or let rival gang members sneak up on you. The patch gets rid of some of those glitches to provide a smoother and better game.

One controversy surrounding the release of the original game was in relation to Hot Coffee. Though not a part of the game, it was an Easter egg that players found and shared with others. Hot Coffee allowed players to view adult and mature scenes that were not suitable for all ages. This patch removes that Easter egg. Though not all players are happy about that change, it does make the game a little more suitable for younger audiences.

This new patch also reduces the black spots that some players found. Those spots often occurred when players zoomed in too closely on certain areas and when players used a larger screen. You'll notice more dimension and textures in the background and fewer black spots.

It also solves the dance glitch. One of the mini games within Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas allows you to win money as you dance to songs. Many players had issues with the music sounding out of sync or with their characters not moving correctly. The patch fixes this issue and keeps the game from crashing to make your gaming experience a little better.


  • Supports larger monitors and high-definition monitors
  • Fixes issues relating to timing and black spots
  • Removes the Hot Coffee feature to make the game better for younger players
  • Solves some common audio issues


  • The patch doesn't cover all bugs and glitches
  • You may need to download other patches in the future
  • You must have Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas already downloaded
  • Some players want the Hot Coffee feature
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